It's here and now: DVD+R Double Layer (DL)

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Imagine being able to record 4 hours instead of 2 hours of the highest quality DVD video on a disc. Or to store 8.5 gigabytes, equaling about 12 fully recorded CD-Rs, instead of 4.7 gigabytes, on a single sided DVD.

All this is possible, here and now, with the advent of DVD+R Double Layer recording technology. Based on the proven double layer technology that has been used in DVD-Video for many years, DVD+R DL amost doubles the recording capacity when compared to traditional DVD recording media. And because the disc is single sided, there’s no need to flip it over halfway through playback or recording.

But the best thing is, you can play a DVD+R DL disc in your current DVD-Video player, DVD games console, or DVD-ROM equipped PC. Double layer playback has been part of the DVD format since the beginning, so most existing DVD playback equipment has no problem playing the new high capacity DVD+R DL discs!

The only thing you need to store these huge quantities of data or long video recording times is a DVD+R DL capable DVD rewriter and the new sophisticated DVD+R DL media. Currently, more than a dozen manufacturers already offer DVD+R DL capable drives. And these drives are backward compatible, they let you record DVD+RW and single layer DVD+R media.

Refer to the DVD+R DL Products listing for an overview of DVD+R DL capable writers, and check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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